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Hoptical Illusion - Double Black IPA
Do not let your eyes deceive you, this beer is a Hoptical Illusion. Our newest brew looks like a porter, but is actually a Double IPA brewed with Columbus and Centennial during the boil. Citra and Mosaic added for the dry hopping. We brewed this with a debittered black malt for color and appearance.
ABV 8.50, IBU 95

London Porter
Virtually extinct in England until revived by North American craft breweries, porters have a chocolate-like flavor from dark malts. Boscos London Porter has a full, malt body and a distinctive hop character.
ABV 6.60, IBU 38

Olde Fool
Old Ales are strong English Ales characterized by a full, malty body and an intense alcoholic character. Often there is a fruity character developed by the yeast. Boscos Olde Fool has the added complexity of noticeable hops.
ABV 7.88, IBU 41

TIGUrS Urban Garden invited us to pick some fresh Cascade hops, full of flavor and aroma, from their beautiful garden located at The University of Memphis. The hops have a spicy, citrus character with a slight grapefruit characteristic. We are proud to represent The U of M with this SMaSH beer - Single Malt and Single Hop.
ABV 4.25, IBU 19

Specialty Tap - Boscos Imperial Russian Stout




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