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What Makes Boscos Beer Better?

At Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co. we brew our own local beers because our customers have expressed a preference for unique high quality products. Offering locally brewed beer instead of mass produced products is a return to the way beer was brewed and sold in the United States before prohibition. So what makes our beers different?

FRESHNESS: Beer is food and is best served fresh! After fermentation, our beers are never warmer than 38 degrees F. Since they never leave the premises; Boscos’ Beers are not subject to the warm temperatures and long storage times common in the beer distribution system. Many packaged American beers and most import beers are, at best, past their prime or, at worst, stale, by the time they reach the consumer. Also, the very process of packaging can be detrimental to the beers flavor and stability if not executed properly. Our beers do not have these problems. Boscos’ brews have all the fresh, full flavors that are meant to be in beer!

QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Boscos uses only the best ingredients to brew our beers. First, our water is filtered to remove chlorine and any impurities. We brew with only the finest domestic and imported two row barley malts. (Many breweries use less expensive six row malts, cheap grain adjuncts such as corn and rice, and in extreme cases, even processed sugars.) We use only the best hops, primarily grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington state. We ferment our seasonal beers using pure culture beer yeast strains prepared by White Labs, who are recognized as the best yeast lab in the United States. Our "Always On Tap" beers are fermented with our unique "house yeast" which has been fermenting Boscos beers since 1992.

NO ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, FILLERS: Commercial brewers can add up to 400 additives, preservatives, foam stabilizers, fillers, etc, to their beer without having to inform the consumer that these compounds are present in the finished product. A list of these additives included such things as Ammonium Persulfate, Amyloglucosidase Novo, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Heptyl Hydroxybenzoate, and Polyvinlypolypyrolidone. The list goes on and on. Boscos’ Beers are brewed with water, malt, hops, and yeast, nothing else!

VARIETY OF STYLE: A large majority of American and import beers are only variations of the same type of pilsner beer, and are often bland, dull, and insipid. The world is full of a huge variety of beer styles, each with its own unique character and flavor. We offer our customers real choices when it comes to beer styles There are always eight beers on tap. We brew English, German, Irish, Scottish, and distinctive American styles. We sometimes even make up something completely new and different!

HANDCRAFTED: The methods and techniques we use to brew Boscos’ Beers are very different from large "beer factories". We brew only in small batches so we can offer both freshness and variety. The term "craft beer" reflects the care and quality that goes into every batch!