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HAPPY HOUR: 3:30 to 6:30 PM, Monday-Friday

Famous Flaming Stone

Boscos - World Beer Cup

North America's "Original Steinbier." Brewed using a traditional German technique, stones heated in our wood fired ovens are lowered into the beer during the brewing process, giving the beer its unique caramel character. Awarded "Three Stars" by Michael Jackson, the world's leading beer writer. Great with salads and lightly flavored dishes.

ABV 4.20, I.B.U. 16

Awards: 2005 Silver Medal - Great American Beer Festival®

Bombay IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

During the 1800's, when the sun never set on the British Empire, beer being shipped to the Far East always arrived spoiled. To correct this situation, British brewers added large quantities of hops to their pale ales. (Hops act as a natural preservative.) The result is an intensely hoppy amber beer. Delicious with seafood and spicy flavorful foods.

ABV 6.30, I.B.U. 54

Awards: 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002 Real Ale Festival®

Midtown Brown

Boscos - World Beer Cup

A classic English-style Nut Brown Ale. Sweet and malty with thenutty flavor of chocolate malt, flavorful yet easy to drink. Pairs well with many of our menu items. Excellent with all cheeses and foods with caramelized flavors.

ABV 5.78, I.B.U. 28

Awards: 2001 Bronze Medal Great American Beer Festival®

Isle of Skye Scottish Ale

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Our Scottish Ale combines the flavor of eight types of malt along with two varieties of hops to create a rich, full-bodied brew. A touch of vanilla brings all these flavors together. Try it with our gorgonzola pear salad or our pork chop!

ABV 7.09, I.B.U. 30

Awards: 2012 Silver Medal GABF®, 1998, 2003 Real Ale

Boscos Summer Session IPA

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Soak up the last days of summer with our Summer Session IPA. Each crisp, clean sip is a journey along the West Coast, where the flavors of zesty Cascade and tropical Mosaic hops dance like pacific waves on your palate.

ABV 4.5, IBU 37


Boscos Oktoberfest

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Oktoberfest is a traditional-style German lager brewed for the fall harvest celebrations in Munich and other parts of Germany. Germans generally celebrate Oktoberfest in September, starting on the third Saturday of the month. Boscos’ Oktoberfest is a crisp, smooth, malty, dark golden ale, aged over the summer.

ABV 6.5, I.B.U. 32

Boscos Imperial Stone

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Enjoy Flaming Stone? If you do, we are sure you’ll enjoy our Imperial Stone. We took most of our malt beer for two batches of Flaming Stone and combined them into one for a single, stronger batch of Stone. Don’t worry, we still added the Pink Granite rocks to caramelize the wort.

ABV 9.0, IBU 26

Boscos Light

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Light is a solidly balanced ale that finishes clean with a hint of hops. And with just 90.1 calories, it’s the perfect beer to pair with our menu!

ABV 3.5 , IBU. 11

Boscos Hard Seltzer

Boscos - World Beer Cup

Boscos Hard Seltzer is crafted in-house for those looking for an alternative to beer. Ask Your Server about This Week’s Flavors! Gluten Free

ABV 6.3