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Story of Boscos Famous Flaming Stone

Boscos Famous Flaming Stone

A World’s Most Interesting Beer Has Southern Accent - Tennessee-Brewed "Famous Flaming Stone Beer" Wins Recognition in Ultimate Beer

One of the most interesting beers in the world is brewed in a region far better known for blues, country music and barbecue.  Famous Flaming Stone was featured in 1998 in Michael Jackson’s Ultimate Beer book. An honor to be included with many other internationally recognized beers.

"Michael Jackson is to beer what Robert Parker is to wines. He’s the ultimate connoisseur and critic and to be included among his ultimate beers is one of the greatest compliments possible," said Former Boscos Brewmaster Chuck Skypeck. "We’ve been perfecting our craft for almost two decades. We’re two of only three breweries in the world currently producing a commercial steinbier like Famous Flaming Stone"

In Michael Jackson’s Pocket Guide to Beer, he gave Famous Flaming Stone Beer three stars and said it was "worth seeking out." Jackson said the beer pairs especially well with smoked foods.

History of Boscos Famous Flaming Stone: Boscos Famous Flaming Stone Beer is what is known as a steinbier, or stone beer. Red-hot pieces of pink Colorado granite are heated to 700 degrees in Boscos wood fired oven and lowered into the wort (unfermented beer) during the brewing process. The resulting steam and sizzle caramelizes sugars in the wort. The result is a sweeter, softer tasting beer with a caramel undertone.

Boscos was the first North American brewery regularly making a stone beer, the original being Rauchenfels in Neustadt, Germany. Boscos began brewing Famous Flaming Stone Beer in 1993. Caramels formed on the granite are preserved and stored while the beer is fermented. When it is ready to be filtered, the caramels are rinsed off into the beer, where they are present in the finished product.

"Hello, my name is Michael Jackson. No, not that Michael Jackson, but I am on a world tour. My tour is in pursuit of exceptional beer. That's why they call me the Beer Hunter."
Mr Jackson passed away in 2007.