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Boscos Hazy Quasar

World Beer Cup
Boscos - World Beer Cup

Behold the Haze, quivering through untold vapors which hover over a mosaic of pale starlight. The glittering quasar pulses as though it were alive with diabolical rhythm which transmutes temporal reality unto its eternal piercing glow. Resounding through the empty blackness of the beyond, the quasar’s song pierces the slumber of the primitive unconscious mind of man.

5.7% abv and 19 IBU

In the forest dark and deep
Where the will of man, stalk and creep
Doth emerge a lake of brilliant light
From which mirror all things plight
The air of citrus and pine
Speaks of an emerging fate divine
The waters shine with light and bliss
And sooth with sweet forgetfulness
Deep within the heart of all man know
My song and light and will doth grow